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 Race of Hera Transformations

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PostSubject: Race of Hera Transformations   Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:00 am

Full Power State - Some members of the Race of Hera have the ability to take on a form that greatly increases their power. The form is taken when the Race of Hera user concentrates their ki.[2] In this form, the user's hair goes red, their skin goes lime green, and their muscles increase dramatically. This form is first displayed by Kogu in his battle against Future Trunks, and later by Bojack when he powers up against Vegeta.
* Effects -Increases max power level by 50%
* Duration - 25 Post
* Cooldown - 5 Posts
* How To Achieve - max power level must be at least 165,000,000
200 Posts required

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Race of Hera Transformations
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