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 Dragonball Zeno Species Directory

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PostSubject: Dragonball Zeno Species Directory   Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:35 pm

Supreme Kai- are the Shin-jins who have the ultimate duty to protect the universe of their position. They possess godly powers and live on their respective planets in the Other World. They far outclass the regular Kais as while the lower Kais watch over the living world, the Supreme Kais watch over both the Other World and the living world.All of the Supreme Kais were originally born on the Planet Kaishin as Shin-jins. When a Kaiju tree grows an incredibly rare golden fruit, this means that a Supreme Kai will be born.[3] If one of the Supreme Kais was to die in an accident, then the currently-inactive Supreme Kai would grow in the Sacred World of the Kais like a plant.[4] Unlike the normal Shin-jins, who can possibly become normal Kai, the Shin-jins born from the special gold fruit have far more power and longer lifespans, well over 75 million years compared to the average average member of their race, whose lifespans is around 75,000 years.

Quadrant Kai -The Kais originally come from Planet Kaishin, which is basically a larger version of the planets that the four Kais call home (such as King Kai's planet). On the planet, there are gigantic trees, the Kaiju, and the Kais are all born as Shin-jin from the fruit of those trees. Shin-jins' average life expectancy is said to be 75,000 years. They live leisurely lives, studying various things at a school-like castle, until one of the Kais passes away. Then, they will draw lots among themselves to choose who will take the dead Kai's place and become the new Kai.

Saiyan - The Saiyans are a fighting race who, since ancient times, have lived a violent and inhumane lifestyle, where they attack numerous planets to build up wealth and goods.Led by the command of the great King Vegeta, the Saiyans, using their great power and brute strength, attacked the Tuffles. Although physically the Tuffles were much weaker and smaller than the Saiyans, they had advanced weaponry and technologies at their disposal. As the war waged on both the Saiyans and the Tuffles each won their fair share of battles, and for the next ten years, the horrible war waged on.Around Age 731, about a year following the Saiyan victory over the Tuffles, the planet was conquered or annexed by Frieza's empire and the Saiyans (like many other races) were drafted to serve as soldiers in Frieza's military under the Frieza Force.[11] Due to the Saiyans' innate strength and penchant for violence, they were considered to be useful mercenaries and assisted in the conquering of many planets, or if assignment called for, eradication of the planet's population (even Saiyan children were considered powerful enough to conquer some of the weaker planets, such as Earth).Eventually, seeing how quickly some of the more gifted Saiyan warriors were gaining power through battle, around Age 735, Frieza grew concerned with the potential of the Saiyan race and thought that they would grow strong enough to face him or even become the fabled Super Saiyans, able to defeat him in battle. In Age 737, a Saiyan scientist develops the Saibamen using biotechnology and those creatures make their way into Frieza's Galactic Frieza Army through the Saiyans.Soon, in Age 737 as well, the maniacal warlord Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, nearly eradicating the Saiyan race.

Half-Saiyan -Due to their similar physiology, Saiyans and Humans are capable of interbreeding. While this was always possible, it became necessary for the survival of the Saiyan race when all the female Saiyans were exterminated. The resulting offspring generally possess the same enhanced strengths of the Saiyans, developing their abilities far more easily than Humans, but lack the same drive and instinct for combat

Human - sometimes referred to as just Earthlings, are the main inhabitants of the planet Earth

Namekian -commonly known as Nameks, are a race from Namek. They are among the most important races in the series, as they are the creators of the Dragon Balls. Nameks are humanoid with plant and slug-like characteristics, including green skin and antennae.

Frost Demons - the mysterious race that Frieza, King Cold, Cooler, Kuriza, Frost and Chilled belong to.As they gain power, they create for themselves new forms to disguise their actual power levels from opponents and allies alike. Transforming up into their next form greatly increases their power level, leading to the idea that the forms work like buffer zones to hold in such intense levels of energy; Frieza states that he transforms to keep himself under control with his power. The buffer zones, along with policies of Frieza's empire such as wiping out even races working under him if he views them as a threat and viewing mercy as only a means to get oneself killed, all hint at an untrusting civilization or an inherent untrusting nature within this race. However, there are some members of the Frieza Clan who are capable of having compassion to the weak and, to a certain extent,

Android -are robotic/cyborg Humans, most of which were created by the evil scientist Dr. Gero. Most of the androids are said to have unlimited energy and eternal life. Due to their inorganic nature, they, or at least the ones created by Dr. Gero, also have no detectable aura (unlike Saiyans, Humans, and others), so they cannot be directly tracked using Scouters or Ki Sense.

There are three types of androids seen in the series, according to their power supplies:

The kind with no drawbacks and an unlimited power supply (such as #8, #16, #17 and #18). This type was said to be more difficult to control. They are immune to being directly detected via Ki Sense or Scouters due to lacking a ki-signature. However, they can be detected indirectly via their opponents' ki.

The kind which requires constant intake of energy, usually stolen from victims, to keep their power reservoir from draining, which would cause the android to malfunction (such as #19 and #20).[1] The more energy they absorb from their victims, the stronger they get. Curiously, Dr. Gero oversees his configuration into the latter, rather than the type with no apparent limitations (though it is implied by #18 that this is because the energy-absorbing model is easier to control). This model, like the other Android models (exempting Bio-Androids), is immune to being directly detected by Ki Sense or Scouters due to lacking a ki-signature. However, they can be detected indirectly due to the depleting ki-signature of the victim.

The kind whose energy exists and circulates as a form of organic ki similar to that of naturally born beings, otherwise known as Bio-Androids (such as Cell and the Cell Juniors). These androids can be tracked by Ki Sense, though as Cell proves, they in turn can also learn to sense other's ki as well as mask their own ki signature to elude pursuit, just as organics can. In the case of Cell and all bio-androids based on him, their organic ki is derived from the cells of powerful humans, Saiyans, Namekians, and members of Frieza's race.

Race of Hera - is the race that lived on planet Hera.It is unknown if all the members of this race sport teal-colored skin and orange hair like Bojack's crew. Some of them have the ability to transform, like the Saiyans with their Super Saiyan transformation.

Demon Ranks

Makai - Average demons, these demons are usually low rankn minions for the Makaio & Makaioshin. Through gaining power they
can rise in rank.

Makaio -Rarely, Shin-jin with evil hearts are born: their evil hearts and intentions cause them to be forcefully cast into the Demon Realm, which is located at the very tip of the universe and ruled by Makaioshin. They are thus kept separate from civilization, and live with Makaio and Makaioshin.

Makaioshin -is a being who governs evil in the Demon Realm.[1]The Makaioshin are in a sense the opposites of Kaioushin, but can be compared with the Dai Kaioshin. [1] They live in the Demon Realm, which is located at the very tip of the universe, and rule over the demons and Makaio there.
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Dragonball Zeno Species Directory
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